Lyric Video

Nah Talk Pon Phone

I recently created a lyric video for the reggae artist, Uzimon. In his latest song, Nah Talk Pon Phone, Uzimon expresses his personal preference for texting as a favorable mode of communication over actually picking up the phone and speaking. Uzimon would rather you text him first "so me can decide if it's worth a chat". My primary tools were After Effects, Sketch, Craft, Premiere and Photoshop.

Video Test

Sleep Video

For the creation of an upcoming lyric video, I am creating an illustrated "world" the character is to exist within for portions of the video. This is a short clip where I am testing out the color key of the real-life element on top of the custom illustrated background elements.

Projector Loop

Loop for Soho Playhouse

The artists asked for anything zany and silly to loop during any point of the live performance. This was a fun little motion graphic I threw together in an afternoon. The music I added after and was not used for the live show. The music is an original composition written by myself and a Juno-60.


An Important Conversation

I threw this together long ago but it still makes me laugh. I was playing around with the hold cel animation technique. I was also playing around with being looney.


A Man Gets Hit

This is another animation playing completed in Flash if I recall. I also created the original music :)

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