Latest Song

Linger & Lurk

Check out my latest composition 'Linger and Lurk' on Soundcloud. The theme of this song is akin to such songs as Stevie Wonder's Creepin' as it' i's about the haunting visits for people from your past via dreams. Stylistically this song is inspired by any of the many wonderful tunes by Kenny Rankin.

Mobile Gaming Soundtrack

Flying Fish

This music was composed in layers so that it could be implemented into the multi-level structure of the game. The layers would depict the levels of the ocean the play descends through as they progress through the game. The sound of ocean bubbles is reflected in the instrumentation and the excitement is meant to be subtle yet intrinsic.

Folk Country

Eighty-Eight One Day

George Jones meets Simon and Garfunkel. That's all you really have to know. That and also that I lifted the begining of this melody from a killer song by George Jones and Melba Montgomery called Please be my love.


Brooklyn Children's Museum

I was commissioned to compose an original piece to accompany a video that celebrated the Brooklyn Children's Museum. This piece of music was composed to align with an already-editing video. Tonally it is meant to inspire and capture the sensibilities and enthusiasm of children and discovery.



This is a number I composed for the album Bamboo by Eastside Combo, a Latin-jazz group I performed and recorded with in Orlando, FL. Kevin Stevers on bass, Derrick Harvin on keys, Willis Rast on drums and yours truly on tenor saxophone.

Country Ballad

Roses Today

In the traditional of sadness and loss often found in country music, Roses Today comes from the soul of those who've lost the opportunity to show deep affection by no choice of their own. Kick a pebble down the road, don't let her see you cry, throw away a dozen roses today.

For TV

Shiny Gift

I composed this number for PBS's Word World. The influence was a combination of Leonard Bernstein's Something's Coming and Danny Elfman's Theme from Edward Scissorhands. The final recording was produced by Nathaniel Reichman.

Piano Ballad


This song was inspired by Bruno Mars' When I was Your Man and any Elton John song but then became something its own. A confessional song told by one lover to the other about the validity of unintentionally finding emotional reciprocation from outside the relationship.

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